Home Grown – Build Your Own Bike With Bombay Custom Works

“Love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle”

Steve McQueen

It’s obvious there is no shortage of bikers in India. For some it’s a way to blow off steam, for others it’s just a way to commute, and for Shail, of Bombay Custom Works (BCW), it’s a canvas for collaboration. Shail lives to create slick rides and operates in the sweet-spot of retro sensibilities combined with a performance mindset. The result, well, it’s the sort of smouldering sexiness that good custom bikes command, especially BCW’s cafe racers.

There are many of schools of thought when it comes to customising bikes. Jumping back in time we’ve seen Bobbers become the first customised style in the states, and cafe racers taking London by storm. These custom bikes started gaining real traction back in …..Read the full article on homegrown.co.in

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