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Motoring World – Barood II

The Barood always looks ready to ignite a flame of longing in everyone As it usually is, my morning started long before sunrise, although, this time, it felt different as I rather enthusiastically emerged from under the covers. After completing my morning rituals, I quickly kitted up and rode straight to the Bombay Custom Works […]


Motoring World – Chai Sprinter

Of late, every time I find myself in front of that little red door that opens to the Bombay Custom Works garage, I feel like a kid just about to unwrap my Christmas presents. This time, all the more so, because this time I was to ride a custom RX 100 cafe racer. Owning a Yamaha RX 100 myself, especially since […]


Overdrive – Bombay Custom Works

Royal Enfield is one of the few motorcycle manufacturers who have promoted the custom biking culture in India. The cult two-wheeler brand decided to take the offbeat track to showcase its new apparel and accessory collection. Royal Enfield associated with four leading Indian custom motorcycle companies to come up with four unique offerings to highlight its […]


There is nothing more satisfactory than cruising on a beautifully restored retro styled Motorcycle. Your ride is completely unique and gets tons of looks. The only problem? A genuine vintage or antique bike sells for a ton of money these days and there are buyers who wouldn’t mind damaging their pockets! Hence, if you’re a fan […]

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