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Of late, every time I find myself in front of that little red door that opens to the Bombay Custom Works garage, I feel like a kid just about to unwrap my Christmas presents. This time, all the more so, because this time I was to ride a custom RX 100 cafe racer. Owning a Yamaha RX 100 myself, especially since it was the first motorcycle that was truly mine, I have fantasised time and again about customising it in various formats. The most recurring one would be in the form of a cafe racer. And there it was standing in front of me, a prime example of what I would have described to have envisioned, in the light of a solitary incandescent bulb, as if it was a dream. I almost had to pinch myself, but it was real and as stunning as ever.

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By Keshav Teiva Poumai

Photos Govind Gadekar

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